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tv   News  ABC  June 2, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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father of african-american business in baltimore will be remembered today here in the city to keep love. perfectly round, massive, the neighbors don't like it, but geologists are excited about what caused the ground to give in guatemala. wall street is always buzzing with activity. this is a different kind of buzz. real life bees stormed wall street in new york. good morning maryland. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. >> sinkholes and bees. all we have is a little heat around here. >> this morning we're left with heat. we knock the humidity down. 6:30. we'll start off with sun glare at 70 degrees right now in reisterstown. nima headquarters. winds light out of the west to
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northwest. we pump in slightly drier air. it stays on the warm side. 72 right now. if feels like 77, especially for places by the water. we knock the humidity down a little bit today, compared to yesterday. for today, sunshine stays behind increasing afternoon clouds. there'll be a storm complex to our west that may throw in more clouds in the evening. we'll stay in the upper 80s with our two-degree guaranteed high of 88 degrees. best chance of storms in the mountains today. for the rest of us, comes back in tomorrow. here's kim with traffic. >> we still have that road closure in easton because of the water main break that has st. michael as road closed in both directions. police are out there with a detour putting drivers onto marlboro road. traffic looking good around our area if getting ready to head out the door. you'll encounter this on the beltway. no problems on the inner loop or
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outer loop right now. traffic doing well around the area on the southwest side at frederick road as well. no problems on both loops of the beltway. we have that earlier disabled vehicle, 95 southbound, just outside of the fort mchenry tube has been cleared off to the left shoulder. we have debris in the roadway. 95 southbound, 895, still working that crash in elkridge. coca-cola drive. megan and jamie, back to you. we know how bad things are now. hundreds are worried about losing their jobs, neighborhoods are worried about their own safety. linda sow has more. >> reporter: things were getting tense between the city -- at city hall. we're talking about 91 jobs being lost and more than 60
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vacant jobs being eliminated. the fire companies slated to close are engine 52 and engine 36. neighborhoods want them kept open even if it means the controversial 4 cent drink tax in the city. the city council has delayed voting on this beverage tax. some think it will hurt city businesses. don't know how the budget will be balanced without passing that tax. we're live at city hall, linda sow, abc2 news. tropical storm agatha slammed guatemala leaving a huge hole in the country's capital. look at this video. the massive sinkhole swallowed an entire intersection. no one was injured.
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authorities estimate the hole is about 65 feet across and 100 feet deep. they stay was caused by water from the storm. 6:34. a pair of high school sweethearts who became known for their kiss, well, celebrating 40 years of marriage, al and tipper gore were all abuzz with their passionate pucker up on stage at the 2000 democratic convention, a report confirms they are separating. they sent out an e-mail statement to friends yesterday saying the decision was mutual. no affair is involved in this. they want their privacy, but the gores are splitting after 40 years. kids at an elementary school will be drinking bottled water today. many students became ill from contaminated tap water. officials think a coolant may have gotten into the water system from air conditioning.
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kids will be giving bottled water. >> it's a significant face-off between compassionate christ-like pastoral care for people. a story about an ex-communication of a nun and a 27-year-old mother. the mother of four was pregnant, when he went to the hospital in phoenix, she was seriously ill. doctors said if her pregnancy wasn't terminated, she'd likely die of heart failure taking the unborn child with her. many think it was the right call, but the bishop in phoenix says he would have preferred the mother to die. the markets were closed for memorial day, but there are a lot of busy bees buzzing around wall street. as many as 12,000 of them.
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an amateur beekeeper gathered the bees with a vacuum and took them to his hive that this family owns in connecticut. 12,000 of them. all right, beer swirling donut lover, homer simpson. >> it's doh! >> not duh! >> the creator of the longest running primetime series in united states history said millions of people were able to identify with homer, harry potter and buffy the vampire slayer and tony soprano came in right behind homer simpson. who can't identify with that? look at that picture. everybody at home is like "that's me." get ready to put on your racing helmets. >> today we'll hear how fast cars will be zipping through downtown baltimore. >> plus: we have 275 of the
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best sellers on the stage friday. who will be crowned championship speller?
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all right, we're looking at a warm start to the day. temperature now 67 degrees. the morning levels of humidity are often higher than the afternoon. don't be deceived by the 87%. it should be more comfortable than yesterday. we're watching a huge complex of storms back to the west. that is erupting its way through chicago, heading toward detroit. could cause plane travel problems, even through indianapolis. we'll get high clouds out of that this afternoon. we'll get storms as well. more coming up in just a bit at 6:40. check on that traffic now with kim. traffic slow past 95 southbound out of the fort
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mchenry tunnel. earlier disabled vehicle has been cleared. 95 southbound near 895. complete check of your travel times in a few minutes. 6:41, coming up next on good morning maryland. coming up, we'll say good-bye to the sausage king. >> a baltimore business pioneer will be laid to rest today. i'm sherrie johnson, i'll have that story as friends and family prepare to say good-bye. the budget gap needs to be closed, but is it worth your personal safety? . the cuts that could be coming to the police and fire department. keeping your kids bellies full in the summer, a program that provides healthy meals to kids in the city. also ahead: this home worth about $2 million but you could get it at 75% off. deep discounts next.
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abc2 news to go. we're following the latest on the cost of million dollar homes in baltimore city. >> the price that has dropped could put you in the market for
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a waterfront view. >> let's find out about the weather. here's justin. >> warm start, blue sky. parkville middle school. we can show you temperatures right now. 72 degrees, humidity at 76%. it really is a matter of that dew point that shows us how much moisture is in the air. the humidity will change as day time heat builds in, even if the moisture content stays the same. mid- to lower 60s, that's tolerable. we get up close to 70 degrees. that's where it's uncomfortable. today we're looking at clear skies this morning, clouds this afternoon, more on the storms coming up. here's kim now with traffic. >> our earlier accidents have been cleared away. we have debris in the roadway on the inner loop lanes at the key bridge. 95 split, debris reported. 95 southbound at 895. keep a heads up. traffic moving at a good pace. we'll get a complete check in a few minutes. a developing story about the severe cutbacks for the
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baltimore city fire departments. dozens of firefighters could be laid off. under the current budget proposal, truck company 15, east baltimore, along with engine 52 and engine 36 in west baltimore. neighbors say they want the companies kept open, even if it means passing the controversial 4 cents tax on most beverages sold in the city. >> i don't care if they make it 20 cents, our life is more than a bottle of soda or a bottle of liquor, whatever they want to tax. >> opponents of the beverage tax say it would drive businesses out of baltimore city. the mayor says she doesn't see how to recover the deficit without the tax. one budget cut that's already started. bulk trash pick-up in the city is suspended indefinitely until city hall can figure out how to
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pay for it. it's caused major headaches for city residents used to having larger items picked up curb side. for now, expect to see longer lines at those five drop-off centers in the city. police still haven't made any arrests from this weekend's murders. in all, we have ten people killed, including one stabbing victim. this is the deadliest rash of shootings we've seen in the city in three years. a police spokesman says most of the shootings appear to be related. in reaction to all this violence, love hands across baltimore crusade planned a news conference to announce a rally this month before the state of crime. organizers believe they have a bigger mission. one organizer lost his cousin during the weekend violence. >> have your own mind set that you are not going to be a part of the violence. you're going to be a part of the solution. >> a parade along north avenue
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is scheduled for saturday june 12th at noon. a rally will follow into the education building at 2:00. news time now: 6:48. two years ago they were million dollar waterfront homes, but now you might be able to buy them 75% off. if this works, it could jolt the rest of the housing market. would you spend $600,000 for a $2 million home. city financial says it will close 330 branches including six in our state. citigroup didn't say specifically which branches will shut down. will result in 500 to 600 job cuts. the reorganization is expected to be finished sometime this
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summer. if you want to hear a true successful story, look at the life of raymond haysbert. he grew up in poverty. one of eight children. he went to work because of the depression. raymond haysbert went on to run the first black-owned business in the united states to go public. today we remember a remarkable life. here's sherrie johnson with more. >> reporter: he was one of the last trailblazers in baltimore's african-american business community. raymond haysbert senior was the founder of one of the east coast's most successful minority businesses, park sausage. he was a fighter pilot in world war ii. baltimore urban league president jay howard henderson knew mr. haysbert. he understood the close relationship between business and politics and helps bridge the gap. ten years ago, haysbert helped guide the baltimore urban league out of bankruptcy to make it
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vibrant again. mayor stephanie rawlings blake will attend the service today. he leaves behind a wife and four children. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news to go time now. ten minutes away from 7:00. a flotilla of activists expected to land at the annapolis city dock today. the press conference is expected to be at 10:30 later this morning. well today we're going to learn more about the baltimore grand prix that is set to happen next year. the governor will be there, along with the mayor and they're going to outline for us, plans for the race and related events at a press conference. the event is expected to draw more than 100,000 spectate years. rescuers are in more of a recovery this morning than a search. as they look for a mother and
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13-year-old daughter from herndon virginia. they fell into the potomac river during a memorial day picnic. authorities say the 35-year-old woman was trying to retrieve a ball when she lost her footing and fell in. her 13-year-old daughter tried to save her, but both were pulled away by the current. college of notre dame wants to rename itself. the college is now becoming a university. students at the college of notre dame have become used to dealing with the confusion with the other school with the same name, the one in indiana. officials hope to cut out confusion with a name change. spewing oil well in the gulf of mexico could be contained sometime wednesday. here are live pictures of what's going on right now. this can't happen soon enough. the spill is now the size of west virginia and maryland put together. the company says that they're using robots that look like
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oversized deli slicers and garden sheers to break a broken pipe so that engineers can put a cap over the well opening. the oil sheen has been confirmed about nine miles off the coast of florida. it could hit white sands pensacola beach today. a program aimed at keeping kids' bellies full after the school year ends. food is being offered to students in the city who may not get three healthy meals a day. >> hanging on the playground, hanging on corners, here is a safe haven. they get a chance to be kids. >> these kids come from low income families. it's clear to us, et kids have the situation they greatly deserve. >> the program is available to low income families with kids under the age of 18. if you'd like to learn more about it, call the city housing department. we put all the information on
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our website. head to if you want to learn more. the deadline to sign up is june 21st. the 2010 scripps national spelling bee gets underway today in washington, d.c.. >> nine kids from maryland are among the 273 to prove they're the best spellers in the country. the preliminaries are broadcast today and tomorrow on espn and the finals will be airing on abc on friday at 8:00. code orange. sunshine helping to keep our heat around. building up pollutants. we have a moderate to unhealthy air quality across the mid-atlantic region. try to limit your outdoor
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activities, especially for the elderly and those sensitive to breathing conditions. low 70s, philly, new york, down towards norfolk. so nice in allatoona. they're going to heat up as well. sunshine abundant across the region. we find the complex of storms back into the midwest. slams into the mountains of western maryland by this afternoon and this evening. off chute clouds bleed across the sky. carroll county and southern pennsylvania. our chance of rain diminished today. showers and thunderstorms will finally slam their way through thursday evening and by friday and saturday, we're stuck with the chance of showers, we'll pull back in the temperatures. 88 today, two-degree guarantee. little more comfortable. breathing conditions could flair up. we head through tomorrow, 91 with more afternoon storms. mid-80s friday and saturday. 79 with afternoon rain sunday. we have a crash in
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westminster. northbound lanes of manchester road, hampstead. traffic starting to build around our area. you'll find 95 southbound slow because of an earlier incident into the fort mchenry tunnel. traffic moving at a nice pace. as we check our maps this morning, you'll see what i'm talking about. disabled vehicle blocking the left lane in the right tube. it's pretty slow from the tube to the tolls if traveling towards the fort mchenry tunnel. debris still reported on the inner loop lanes of the key bridge. as we look at drive times, fairly normal so far. nine minutes from route 100 to 395. i-70 to route 32. on the outer loop of the beltway from 70 towards i-95. only 7 minutes so far. megan and jamie, back to you. coming up next on good morning america: the duchess of york is facing more questions after her appearance on the oprah winfrey show.
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>> sara ferguson blamed gross stupidity and mounting debt for trying to get paid for rights to her ex-husband. have you tried to book a flight lately? >> it's super expensive. >> the airline costs are really high this summer. >> uh-oh. remember our news continues right now on remember we will have more news, weather and traffic updates throughout this morning and we'll see you at 9:00. what you did at this morning's meeting? that was pure poetry.
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